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Heads of Compliance have my deepest sympathy. Until I (briefly) undertook that role I didn't appreciate how many different directions you need to be watching at once, or how many different disciplines you need to master. If you are a Money Laundering Reporting Officer too, this only adds to the complexity of the role. How you manage to sleep at night remains a mystery. However, I founded Regulatory Advice Limited to try to lighten your load in a few specific areas, where my experience may help you to gain reassurance and save time and effort (so you may turn your attention to other burning fires).

By virtue of an extensive period of time consulting with and within Abide Financial Services (and subsequently within Nex and CME) as Director of Professional Services, I can provide immediate assistance in the regulatory and practical aspects of reporting to the FCA under MiFID 2 and to Trade Repositories under the EMIR regime.

In a completely different direction, my recent experience as Head of Compliance and MLRO in a major cryptocurrency exchange has given me a keen awareness of how regulation is fast encroaching on the cryptocurrency world. Having engaged with regulators and industry bodies on the next phase of regulation, I am well-placed to assist smaller cryptocurrency firms in the UK in preparing their systems and controls for the anti-money-laundering requirements of the 5th AMLD, being implemented in January 2020.

Assistance in both transaction reporting and crypto-specific areas may take the form of:

- Strategic discussions of how you are impacted and what you should be doing about it

- Independent review and testing of what you have in place

- Assistance with the remediation of known issues

- Training of management and staff as part of your recurring annual requirements

- Support in the search and recruitment of suitably experienced staff

- Ad Hoc consultations by email or phone for minor queries

For a preliminary discussion of how we can help you, contact us via or by phone on +44 (0)7786 264422

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